Westside Football Club, PO Box 755, Joondalup, WA 6919

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We are a family friendly club

We welcome all children, boys and girls, from the age group of 5 to 18 years of age

Family friendly

We focus on enjoying playing football in a fun way!

Professional coaching

We are the only grass roots club providing a professional coach

We listen

The committee is very responsive to its members

We have fun

Plenty of opportunities to meet new people and build lasting friendships

About Us

Westside Football Club are a junior football (soccer) club based in the northern suburb of Burns Beach and Kinross in Perth Western Australia. The Club has been operating successfully for over 12 years with a membership of over 320 members. We have a clubhouse in Kinross (MacNaughton Park) with a second brand new facility located at Bramston Park, Burns Beach. We are a community club with a strong family focus and having fun in football and welcome all new members.

Our Philosophies

Have fun



Family First


Why work with us

Creative People That Make Awesome Things

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Volunteers - We Need You!

Volunteering helps make a club successful. Westside FC welcomes anyone who wishes to help in anyway they can. It is fun, helps builds lasting friendships and helps build connections with our kids.

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Want to be part of something bigger?

Why not join Westside FC's committee. With very little committment needed, you have the ability to help continually improve the club. We would particularly like to see representation from the younger teams on the committee, so call us today!

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Want to become a sponsor?

Sponsorship with Westside FC can bring many benefits to your business. Westside FC aims to provide you with value for money packages that can bring many returns for your investment.

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